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Product catalog

Technical parameter

Stackable Residential ESS

Modular Domestic Storage System

Commercial Energy Storage System

Hybrid Inverter 10kW

Hybrid Inverter 5kW

Container storage system

30kW&60kW ACDC Module

User Manual

User Manual for Pro Web Cloud

User Manual for End User Web Cloud

Sermatec APP User Manual

10kW Hybrid Inverter User Manual

5kW Hybrid Inverter User Manual 



Installation Guide

Guide Video for Sermatec App and Web Cloud System V1.2

Trouble Shooting Version 1.1

10K Installation Video

WIFI connection

Parameter setting for Sermatec mate app

Guide manual of three phase meter

Guide manual of single phase meter

Guide manual of connecting with the cloud2

Basic introduction of residential hybrid system

10KTL-Quick Installation Guide

5KTL-Quick Installation Guide

Warranty Agreement

Warranty Terms And Policies Of Sermatec V2.0

Software installation package



64.772.18.04745.01 CERT_E8A-10K EMC CERT_Z2-10K 62109 CERT_N8A-10K 62109 CERT_D-10K South Africa CERT_D_10K German CERT_D-10K German CERT_D-5K German CERT_D-5K German CERT_D-5K South Africa CERT_N8A-5K 62109 CERT_Z2-5K 62109 CERT_D-10K Cze PPDS2018 CERT_D-5K 62727 CERT_D-5K Austria CERT_D-10K Austria CERT_D- 5K Bulgium CERT_D-5K Spain CERT_D 5K Spain NTS 2019 CERT_D Italy 60KW CE021 CERT_D Italy 60KW CE016 CERT_D-5K French (2) CERT_D-5K French CERT_D 6-10k Poland

64.772.19.01427.01 CERT_E8A-5K EMC

64.887.18.04742.01 CERT_SAA 190001-10K Austrtalia

64.887.19.30353.01 CERT_SAA-5K Australia

64290203012701 DE-5K Austria

64290203012801 DE-10K Austria

Approved battery options

Approved battery options