Year-end gift | 200MWh!

Recently, with the excellent performance of the latest high-capacity liquid-cooled energy storage system products, Sermatec won another order for energy storage system in the energy storage market of Ningxia Autonomous Region. So far, the supply of the fifth large-scale centralized power station project of Sermatec in Ningxia has been fully started. It is reported that Sermatec has achieved a market share of more than 50% in the centralized energy storage power station market in Ningxia.

Based on the new energy market in Ningxia Autonomous Region and the principle of “equality and mutual trust, joint development, complementary advantages, joint implementation, risk sharing and benefit sharing”, Sermatec has provided 200MWh intelligent liquid-cooled energy storage system products for the project under the strong cooperation of Sermatec and Guangzhou Juneng Technology Co., Ltd., both parties have played their respective advantages and coordinated development, and have jointly written a good beginning of joint progress and win-win cooperation.

In June 2022, Sermatec officially released a new generation of liquid-cooled energy storage system, which has become a star product of the company. The system will significantly reduce the use area of the station, the amount of foundation construction, the amount of cable use, the number of lifting shifts, and the workload of patrol inspection. The cost of kilowatt-hour electricity has obvious advantages, providing support for the owner to reduce the system cost and the number of operation and maintenance personnel.

The design director of the Northwest Institute of China Energy Engineering Corporation for the project said that at present, it is difficult to completely solve the problems of light abandonment, wind abandonment and power limitation in the major new energy power generation provinces in China. At the national policy level, the power station development enterprises have been required to configure large-capacity energy storage systems to solve the intermittent and regulatory problems of new energy power generation. Compared with the energy storage system products of other brands, the liquid-cooled products of Sermatec have completed more than 600MWh of project grid-connected applications within just half a year after the launch, and have gained a good reputation in the industry. Its advantages of saving floor space and reducing engineering quantities, saving operation and maintenance costs, and bringing about system costs also conform to the current development direction of the energy storage market. I hope Sunrise Energy will continue to work hard to achieve better market performance!

Wang Jianpeng, general manager of Sermatec, said that the high-capacity liquid-cooled energy storage system product is a part of the intelligent energy storage system product platform of Sermatec. It will use the cloud, edge and end technology architecture to conduct in-depth analysis and early warning of thousands of data per second of the energy storage station, to ensure that the energy storage system is safer and more efficient in the long-term operation process.

“In the next step, Sermatec will fully guarantee the production, supply and commissioning of the project, ensure that the project is connected to the grid on schedule, and lay the foundation for both parties to achieve win-win results and better layout of the market in Ningxia and surrounding regions in the future,” said Zhang Xiaopeng, general manager of Sermatec’s domestic sales.

In the future, Sermatec will also unswervingly carry out technological innovation and technological iteration, continue to create value for customers, drive high-quality development of enterprises, accelerate the green energy industry to lead, and promote the early realization of the dual-carbon goal!S