When the word “energy saving and carbon reduction” is repeatedly mentioned by people

Man and Nature

A permanent topic that has lasted for tens of thousands of years

We start with adaptation and utilization

Then to the plundering and pollution of nature

Finally, he woke up

Sustainable development is the only way out for man and nature

Since 2020, China has proposed the double carbon target of “carbon peak and carbon neutralization”

All walks of life have carried out green transformation of economic structure

As an important part of energy structure upgrading

The role played by energy storage enterprises cannot be underestimated

Liquid-cooling Container Storage System

Scenarios: Business, Microgrid Systems, Distributed Energy, etc.

1. High efficiency and longevity: The efficient cooling method of liquid cooling makes the battery even temperature better and consumes less power. Core temperature consistency and the safety and stability of the energy storage converter reduce the risk of battery thermal runaway. Therefore, the life of liquid-cooled containers is 20% higher than that of air-cooled containers.

2. Cost reduction and efficiency: Highly integrated design enables container storage to support Pre-installation and overall transportation, reducing manual site workload. Modular design, easy battery replacement and system expansion, plug and play. While freeing people, it makes upgrade and replacement more convenient and easy to increase user benefits.

3. Intelligent monitoring: Intelligent liquid cooling and temperature control, the temperature difference in the container is always controlled within 5 C and less. With online remote intelligent monitoring, the information of the energy storage system can be exhausted through the screen, reducing manual on-site inspection.

232kWh All-In-One System

Scenarios: Integrated Business Center, Communication Base Station, Mobile Charging Station, Farm and Ranch, Industrial and Commercial Enterprises, etc.

1. Integrated design: PCS, battery, water cooler, lighting, power distribution, fire control and other accessories are integrated in small cabinets. The highly integrated design makes it a true treasure chest.

2. Intelligent interconnection: equipped with power grid voltage regulation, three-phase unbalance control, harmonic control and other systems. Two-tier BMS battery management system for full digital LCD display. Energy management systems include cloud platforms plus local dispatch managers for data collection from PCS and other related devices.

3. Safety and reliability: The cabinet body has IP54 protection level. At the same time, it has DC circuit safety management, fast fusion protection and arc protection, multi-level battery protection system, intelligent leakage detection and rehydration system. Internal and external part-time repair, so that no dead ends.

High/Low-Voltage Stackable Residential ESS

Scenarios: Resident electricity, farming and pasture, etc.

1. Extra long life: The product uses a lithium iron phosphate battery system to ensure an extra long life of more than 15 years.

With the realization of the expectation that the price difference between peak and valley will widen and the introduction of favorable national policies, whether in the hot overseas consumer market or in the imaginative domestic civil market, consumer energy storage will play an important role in the beautiful blueprint of future smart energy, virtual power plants and industrial interconnection.

2. Intelligent Management: The product configures WiFi modules to support remote monitoring, diagnosis, upgrade of mobile APP, and automatic intelligent management for status quick display. Silly operation, one-click power on, automatic recovery of failure, designed for user.

3. Module stacking: Full modular stacking design allows you to configure the number of modules at will, supports multiple parallel/serial connections, can add or subtract modules at any time, and is easy to replace batteries and expand system capacity. Keep IT company with you and your family.

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