The liquid cooled core is not cold this winter | The first batch of liquid cooled container type energy storage projects of Sermatec Energy will be put into operation soon

The year 2022 is coming to an end, and many energy storage projects for Sermatec energy are also coming to an end. The 100MW/200MWh Ningxia Ningchu Litong Banqiao Shared Energy Storage Power Station Project has been completed in the overtime of front-line colleagues and will be put into operation soon. This project is a key project of “Six Hundred” in Ningxia 2022, and is also the first batch of centralized large-scale energy storage power station projects in Ningxia Autonomous Region delivered with liquid cooled container type energy storage system.

A total of 30 sets of 6.7MWh energy storage units provided by Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology Co., Ltd. are arranged in this project. The core equipment battery pack adopts liquid cooling cycle technology, high-density lithium iron phosphate battery, advanced BMS, EMS monitoring and management system, with a full capacity discharge backup time of up to two hours and a service life of up to 10 years.

As a shared energy storage project, compared with the decentralized development mode of new energy self distributed energy storage, this project can meet the peak shaving demand of Ningxia power grid on the basis of multiple advantages such as more safe and efficient dispatching operation, controllable quality, and obvious economic benefits. Through centralized and unified construction, the project construction standards, equipment parameters, safety performance and other aspects are strictly standardized and managed; Online remote intelligent monitoring is used to reduce the number of manual on-site inspections, and at the same time, early warning of fault cells can be achieved, effectively reducing the quality of energy storage equipment is uneven, technology is difficult to ensure, security risks and other problems. And prefabricated installation and remote monitoring operation and maintenance can effectively reduce the construction, operation and maintenance costs of the energy storage power station.

From the first 3S architecture proposed by Sermatec in 2018 to the new “Security, Standard, Service ” system and cloud edge architecture in 2022, Sermatec has become a leading digital energy operator and energy storage system manufacturer in China by virtue of its rich project experience and continuous iterative energy storage technology. Strive to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the global energy storage system with excellent quality and service, and strive to become the preferred partner under the path of sustainable development!