The 5th Anniversary of Sermatec | Stay with me and start again

On the afternoon of September 8, 2022, colleagues from Shanghai headquarters gathered in the exhibition hall on the first floor of the company. In the midst of laughter and laughter, all the Sermatecers left their mark on the fifth anniversary, and the celebration activity, which was simple and low-key but full of ceremony, kicked off.

Li Feng, chairman of Sermatec, told the new and old employees about the difficulties and predicament that the company had experienced in the early days of its establishment at the fifth anniversary ceremony. In retrospect of the past eventful years, five years of wind and rain witnessed the growth of Sermatec. In his speech, Dong Li mentioned that five years have passed quickly. I expect that in the next five years we will have more beautiful moments to remember, celebrate and cherish. I hope to witness the growth of Sermatec together with all of you, and I hope to share the achievements of Sermatec with all of you, including those who have left Sermatec! So on this fifth anniversary, I sincerely thank the founding team, the recently joined team and the employees who are still sticking to the frontline of the project.

Wang Jianpeng, General Manager of Sermatec, said in his speech that we have indeed experienced many setbacks in the past five years, but we have gained more. We have gained team, experience and faith. This year is the fastest year for the company to expand, but we must develop soberly and steadily! The end point of energy storage is the sea of stars, which is an opportunity for Sermatec, and also an opportunity for all our colleagues! I hope you will live up to your youth and forge ahead in the next five years.

The company’s birthday is also everyone’s birthday. All the little friends who had their birthdays in the third quarter were invited to the stage with a dazed face, and had a surprise and unforgettable collective birthday.

Just when everyone guessed that the cake would be cut next, Chairman Li Feng said, “Wait a minute!”, He had prepared a special gift for every employee who had worked in the company for five years – one or two gold. “If I were young again, I would have one or two golds and one or two winds”, which is a symbol of a Sermatecer’s five years of youth and sweat. Chairman Li also promised that any colleague who has worked in the company for five years in the future will have his own “gold or two”.

Over the past five years, the company has been moving forward hand in hand, always relying on each other and breathing with each other. Today’s achievements cannot be separated from those of every hardworking Sermatecers. On this anniversary, every employee received a small token of appreciation for the fifth anniversary and shared the joy of the fifth anniversary.