Succeeded in grid connection of 100MW/200MWh Banqiao Energy Storage Power Station Project in Ningchulitong District, Ningxia with Sermatec

In the early morning of December 16, the Banqiao 100MW/200MWh shared energy storage power station project in Ningchulitong District, Ningxia, which was provided by Sermatec for the integrated supply of energy storage system, was successfully connected to the grid for power generation, with normal parameters and stable equipment operation. The system is composed of 30 sets of high-capacity intelligent liquid-cooled containers with a capacity of 6.7MWh. It is the first large-scale shared energy storage project on the grid side in Ningxia, and the second large-scale centralized energy storage project for the supply of Sermatec in Ningxia in 2022.

The project is located in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, with an average altitude of more than 1000 meters. It belongs to a typical temperate and temperate arid and semi-arid climate area, with four distinct seasons and sufficient sunshine. It is a natural treasure land for clean energy development.

Under the “double carbon” goal, relying on the unique environment, the local government of Ningxia is further promoting the utilization of local solar energy resources, accelerating the adjustment of energy and power structure, and promoting high-quality economic development. It is reported that this project is a key project of Ningxia’s “six hundred” in 2022. Its successful operation can achieve an annual discharge of 112.2 million kilowatt-hours, save about 90 million yuan of local electricity costs per year, which is equivalent to saving 36801 tons of standard coal, reducing about 110000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, reducing about 3.36 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, and planting 62146 trees.

The special geographical environment and the harsh plateau climate are undoubtedly a test for the construction of the project. According to the application scenario of the energy storage project, Sermatec has independently developed a liquid-cooled energy storage system solution with the characteristics of safety, efficiency, economy and friendliness.

It is by virtue of multiple advantages such as high security, high reliability and high integration that Sermatec achieves the protection of safe and efficient operation of energy storage power stations. At the same time, relying on the dual advantages of rich project experience and continuous iteration of energy storage technology, Sermatec has become a technology-oriented, leading energy digital operator and energy storage system manufacturer in China. In the future, Sermatec will become the preferred partner under the sustainable development path of customers with higher quality and service!