Strong alliance | Sermatec signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Northwest Institute

On December 12, a delegation led by Zhao Xiaohui, General Manager of New Energy Engineering Company of Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. of China Power Consulting Group, visited Sermatec Energy’s Shanghai headquarters and held talks with Wang Jianpeng, General Manager of Sermatec and Zhang Xiaogui, General Manager of Sales. The two sides conducted exchanges and discussions on in-depth cooperation, and determined the promotion plan of bilateral cooperation projects.

Wang Jianpeng welcomed Zhao Xiaohui and his delegation, and introduced in detail the technical innovation and exploration of Sermatec in the energy storage application field in recent years. As a technology company positioned to escort the safe and efficient operation of the energy storage system, Sermatec has now completed the construction of the second generation technology system, focusing on the cloud side technology architecture, and integrating security, standard, The new service 3S is integrated into the traditional 3S (BMS, PCS, EMS). From the safety of production process to the safety of operation process, through the technical improvement with core algorithms, the fault prediction rate of 2 hours ahead of time has reached 82%. The technology and platform (VPPready) of Sermatec Virtual Power Plant will also be put into operation in the second quarter of 2023. General Manager Zhao Xiaohui affirmed and expected the development of Sermatec in recent years.

Zhao Xiaohui comprehensively introduced the overall layout of NPDI’s new energy, and looked forward to the cooperation space with Sermatec in business and the determined cooperation direction. Zhao Xiaohui said that Sermatec is a leading enterprise with complete energy storage technology in China and believes that the future cooperation between the two sides will be closer and more efficient.

Subsequently, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement based on the principle of “comprehensive mutual trust and complementary advantages” to achieve the development strategic goal of win-win cooperation.

In the future, Sermatec will fully stack superior resources with Northwest Institute, take a diversified approach to promote project implementation, carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in information exchange, project development, product application, engineering construction, technology research and development, continue to strengthen the sharing and integration of energy storage industry chain resources, continue to promote the large-scale development and application of new energy projects, jointly promote scientific and technological innovation advantages, and work together to promote the steady progress of dual carbon action.