Speed up the market development layout, and strive to implement the zero carbon goal — the Ningxia manufacturing base of Sermatec was completed and put into operation

On August 28, the completion ceremony of phase I project of Ningxia manufacturing base of Shanghai Sermatec Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Hongsibao District, Wuzhong City. Yang Wenfu, deputy secretary of Hongsibao district Party committee and head of Hongsibao district; Tang Jun, Secretary of state power investment Wuling power Ningxia Branch; Li Feng, chairman of Sermatec, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Relevant government functional departments under Hongsibao District, Taiyangshan Development Zone and Litong District of Wuzhong City; More than 60 representatives from power generation and power grid enterprises in Ningxia attended the completion ceremony.

On behalf of the four leading groups of the Hongsibao district Party committee, the district government, the District People’s Congress and the district CPPCC, Yang Wenfu, district chief, warmly congratulated the completion of the phase I project of the Ningxia production base of Sermatec. Yang Wenfu pointed out in his speech that as a leading energy storage system company in China, Sermatec is in the first echelon of the domestic market. Through the completion and production of the Hongsibao production base in Wuzhong, Ningxia, it is hoped that Sermatec will take this opportunity to seize the opportunity of vigorously developing new energy in Ningxia, strengthen the integration of scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading, and improve the energy structure of Hongsibao It played a positive role in promoting the economic and social development of Hongsibao. At the same time, the district Party committee and the district government will, as always, provide high-quality services for the company, work hand in hand and strive together to help the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise.

Li Feng, chairman of Sermatec, thanked Hongsibao Committee and district government for their strong support in the project construction and paid high tribute to the hard-working team. At the same time,Sermatec has also established full confidence to further expand and strengthen Ningxia in the future. Second, based on advanced manufacturing technology and management level, Sermatec will strive to become the most competitive energy storage system equipment manufacturing enterprise in Ningxia during the 14th Five Year Plan period; Third,Sermatec will adhere to the business philosophy of customer-oriented and creating value for customers. In the fierce market competition, it will take regional service as the center, quickly respond to customers’ needs, and constantly seize market share. Sermatec will spare no effort to build Ningxia production base into a first-class integrated manufacturing enterprise of energy storage system and make contributions to the local economic and social development of Hongsibao.

Subsequently, district chief Yang Wenfu, chairman Li Feng, Secretary Tang Jun and the main guests present jointly pressed the start button of completion and production, officially announcing the completion and production of Ningxia Wuzhong Hongsibao production base of Sermatec

After the completion ceremony, Li Feng, chairman of Sermatec, had a discussion with Wang Zhongqiang, Secretary of Hongsibao district Party committee. Secretary Wang Zhongqiang had a detailed understanding of some situations in the project construction, and expressed gratitude and respect to the Sermatec that participated in the project construction. The two sides communicated on the future high-quality development of Sermatec in Hongsibao, and conducted in-depth exchanges on new energy development, zero carbon Park, energy storage upstream and downstream industrial chain and other matters of mutual concern.