Transmission and distribution side energy storage solutions
The energy storage system provides intelligent load management for the transmission and distribution side, and timely peak regulation and frequency regulation according to the load situation of the power grid. The Sermatec energy storage system can realize functions such as capacity expansion and backup power supply. Accept more renewable energy on the transmission and distribution side to ensure the safe, stable, efficient and low-cost operation of the power grid.
User-side energy storage solutions
Sermatec energy storage products can be widely used in large-scale industrial, commercial and residential fields, and extended to emerging applications such as communication base station backup, island microgrid, intelligent charging station for solar storage and charging, etc., to achieve power coverage, reduce social electricity costs, improve user-side power security, maximize the use of energy to achieve social and economic benefits, is an important part of the future smart energy system, and brings users “higher income, lower investment, safety and reliability, intelligent operation and maintenance” customer value.
Power generation side energy storage solutions
The energy storage system provides storage and output management for the power side, and the electrochemical energy storage technology and renewable energy generation technology form a joint system. With advanced energy storage integration technology and BMS/EMS computing capabilities, Sermatec Energy helps the power supply side restore the stability of the power grid, optimize the output curve of power generation, reduce wind and light abandonment, provide system loss and frequency regulation peak shaving, increase the proportion of renewable energy power generation, and optimize the energy structure.

Grid Service

  • Frequency Regulation
  • Energy Arbitrage
  • Voltage Support
  • Reserve Capacity (Spin/Non-Spin)
  • Black start

Solar power storage

  • Increase PV self-Consumption
  • Peak shaving
  • Energy Storage on Power Generation

Commercial and industrial (C&I) 


  • Demand Charge Reduction
  • Backup Power/ Uninterruptible Power Systems


Sermatec supplies globally a range of hybrid storage inverters and power conversion systems.