Sermatec Energy Participates in Seminar on Win-win Model of New Energy Industry and Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the Eleventh Science and Technology

On December 11, Sermatec was invited to attend the Seminar on Win-win Mode of New Energy Industry and Zero Carbon Data Center hosted by Northwest Branch of 11 Science and Technology, which was jointly attended by Northwest Dispatch Center of National Network, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Shaanxi Large Data Collection, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi and Jian Mining Co., Ltd.

Experts from all sides exchanged in-depth on how new energy can achieve industry win-win in application scenarios, and how data centers can achieve zero-carbon goals and implementation strategies on the basis of current electricity prices in the Northwest region.

After the meeting, Sermatec and the Northwest Subdivision of the Eleventh Design Institute of Energy and Information Industry, Science and Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Eleventh Science and Technology”) and the Sublimation Energy Holding Company (Xi’an) Ltd. signed strategic cooperation framework agreements on behalf of the three parties respectively.

At the symposium, the head of the Northwest Branch of Science and Technology XI welcomed the visit of the Sermatec trip, and introduced in detail the development history, business sector, qualification honor, development in recent years and the next planning of the Northwest region.

We hope to strengthen the integration of resources in smart technology, photovoltaic power generation, energy storage, and work together to improve the basic management through smart, reduce costs, and form a good cooperative situation of resource sharing and information sharing. According to the strategic agreement, the two sides will bring their respective advantages into full play, strengthen joint efforts and complement each other. On the premise of meeting the conditions and procedures of laws and regulations, they will jointly open up new power energy markets such as photovoltaic, wind power and energy storage, and carry out in-depth cooperation through various ways such as resource sharing, cooperative investment and development, PPP, EPC and general contracting for construction.

In his speech, the person in charge of the Northwest Branch of the Eleventh College pointed out that as a leading domestic enterprise in the production and manufacturing of energy storage system equipment, Sermatec has advanced technology and manufacturing experience in the industry, and the equipment is stable and reliable, which provides favorable support for the Eleventh Science and Technology in the selection and design of equipment. We hope that the two sides will step up their cooperation to achieve win-win cooperation.

The person in charge of the Sermatec Region said that the Northwest Branch of the 11th Science and Technology represents the main body of the 11th Science and Technology Deeply Cultivating New Energy Field, especially in the Northwest Region, and believes that all of you will achieve win-win cooperation in the future development, and will contribute their respective efforts to the realization of the national “two carbon” strategic goal on the basis of win-win cooperation.