“Rabbit” has made great progress and got off to a good start | Sermatec won a new order of 200MWh

In order to quickly respond to the business policy of “R&D leading, deepening the market, fine-tuning the structure, and reducing the cost to the utmost”, in the first week after the year, Sermatec delivered a brilliant transcript – the sixth 200MWh energy storage system equipment supply order of Ningxia Autonomous Region.

The project is located in Biandangou Town, Litong District, Ningxia Autonomous Region, and consists of 30 sets of 3.35MW/6.7MWh energy storage systems. The battery cabin adopts liquid cooling circulation technology, which greatly increases the service life of energy storage equipment; The system uses the leading 3S (BMS, EMS, PCS) system of Sermatec as a whole, and cooperates with the new 3S (Security, Standard, Service) standards to form a 6S system, with a full capacity discharge backup time of up to two hours; Use the PFH fire extinguishing system scheme with the highest safety standard in the industry, cooperate with the failure prediction function of the Sermatec Cloud platform, and jointly build the energy storage safety moat. Japan Energy creates refined, differentiated and platform-based products and services to win the trust of customers.

Since 2022, Ningxia Autonomous Region has successively built several centralized energy storage power station projects, among which, Sermatec has participated in more than 50% of the supply of energy storage system integration equipment. The centralized construction of large-scale energy storage power stations has become a “booster” for the high-quality development of emerging industries in Ningxia Autonomous Region, a “new prescription” for building a new power system with new energy as the main body, and a “new seed” to lead the green energy industry cluster to take root. Through the deep integration of energy storage power station and power grid, the traditional power grid planning and dispatching mode will be effectively improved, and the green energy absorption capacity in the region will be comprehensively enhanced; Promote the establishment of a long-term mechanism for electrochemical energy storage to promote the absorption of renewable energy, and become an important tool to accelerate the realization of green and low-carbon development in the regional new energy system.

With the global energy transformation and the proposal of the national dual-carbon policy, the energy storage industry has made great strides, ushering in an unprecedented period of rapid growth, and the Sermatec industry has also worked hard and courageously in the flood of energy storage development. Sermatec has been deeply cultivated in the field of energy storage for many years, and is committed to the R&D and innovation of products, the segmentation and exploration of services, the improvement of market layout, and the steady development of enterprises. It is believed that in the near future, Sermatec can be accumulated and developed in many scenarios, such as power generation side, grid side and user side, and will take the lead in the stormy energy storage market!