4MWh Wolong BESS in Zhejiang

With the continuous growth of the power load in the park, this system adopts solar-storage fusion coordinated control technology and supporting energy storage solutions (4MWh solar-storage integrated system). During daytime plant production (that is, during peak power consumption), energy storage is The system coordinates the parallel operation of photovoltaic power generation units with the power grid to supply power to the electrical loads in the plant area. The energy storage system achieves the purpose of supporting the shortage of active power in the power supply network of the factory area, preventing power outages caused by power shortages, and solving the power supply problem of Wolong Electric Industrial Park with higher efficiency, lower cost and more stable power supply.
Optical storage fusion technology has the characteristics of low cost, high efficiency, and high reliability. The container energy storage power station collects the transmission power of the 10kV power supply line and the load rate of the transformer where the energy storage grid-connected point is located in real time through the energy management system, and cooperates with the advanced charge and discharge control strategy to efficiently complete the energy storage system under the premise of ensuring that the 10kV power supply line does not have overload faults. Charging and discharging; At the same time, the active power of the plant area can reach self-balance.