40MW Solar +193MWh BESS Project in Gangba Tibet

The total installed energy storage capacity of this project is 40MW, equipped with 193MWh lithium iron phosphate battery system in block power generation way and with centralized grid connection scheme. It is currently the highest in altitude in the world with a single station capacity of 200MWh. As the first batch of solar plus energy storage integration projects in Tibet, after completion it can not only effectively solve the problem of solar power consumption, but also play an important role in ensuring the power supply security, improving the quality and stability of regional power grid. It can also accept the direct dispatching of the power grid, and provide the maximum 40MW / 193MWh frequency regulation and peak shifting service capacity, which can improve the voltage adjustment difficulties of local power grid Transient voltage stability and other issues.

In view of the environmental factors such as high altitude, low temperature and low pressure, condensation, wind sand and other environmental factors, the project adopts double-layer thermal insulation design, the outer insulation adopts integrated foaming process, the hatch and opening adopts multiple dust-proof and sealing structure, all internal components from the design to the selection consider the requirements of capacity reduction and derating, prefabricated cabin system, BMS, DC protection unit, intelligent auxiliary system, monitoring system, power supply The system is designed and assembled by Sermatec. The project realizes one-stop factory integration and system testing, greatly reducing the workload on project site and ensuring the quality of the project.