Pioneer | Sermatec Northwest Region Held 2023 Sales Work Deployment Meeting

Carry forward the past, open up the future, and sail through the past. The 2023 annual work deployment meeting for the Northwest Region of Sermatec was successfully held recently. At the meeting, the sales managers of the Northwest Region reviewed the work in 2022 and made detailed plans for the work in 2023. After the meeting, Wang Changbo, the person in charge of the region, signed the target responsibility letter with each sales manager.

With the joint efforts of all sales managers, the business of the Northwest Region achieved substantial growth in 2022, but we also saw that there was room for further improvement in the process. Therefore, at the beginning of the new year and at the beginning of the work, Wang Changbo, the head of the Northwest Region, decided to lead the team to clarify the work objectives, find out the work path and dismantle the implementation plan.

The main theme of the company in 2023 is profit, which means that all employees of Sermatec should carry out cost reduction, efficiency increase and innovation. The focus of the sales work is to strengthen market awareness, layout the sales matrix, focus on market competition, and refine the implementation of various work, not only to seize the quantity, but also to grasp the quality and efficiency.

As the strategic highland of the company, although the sales managers in the Northwest Region have the practical ability, they still appear to be inadequate in the face of changing market turbulence. In response, Zhang Xiaopeng, the general manager of the company’s marketing management department, put forward the following three requirements for the work of the Northwest Region in 2023:

It is necessary to clarify the objectives of the work, supported by industry development and annual installed capacity data. Have the courage to face problems and come up with targeted solutions. We will make every effort to increase market share, do a good job of customer docking, further improve customer satisfaction and recognition, and improve human efficiency and production and investment.

In view of the common and individual problems, difficulties, doubts, improvement points and outstanding points of the industry competition, further refine the sales work, consolidate the customer work foundation, improve human efficiency and productivity, and rigidly implement the plans and methods. Constantly optimize the effect of customer docking and promote the company’s business development in the region.

Carefully analyze customer needs, deeply tap regional competitiveness, innovate self-thinking mode, and realize data, standardization, and systematic sales management.

It is hoped that the sales team of the Northwest Region will achieve the goal of “being quiet as a virgin and moving as a rabbit” at the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit: calm analysis when encountering problems; Jot forward on project follow-up. We look forward to greater breakthroughs in the Northwest Region in response to the company’s annual goals! We believe that in 2023, Sermatec will be able to provide customers with better quality products and services