Persistence under high temperature | praise the people who work on the front line

Hot, hot, hot! After entering August, “high temperature” and “heat stroke” still dominate the high-frequency vocabulary search on the Internet. Since the beginning of summer this year, the number of high-temperature areas in China has increased significantly, with longer duration and wider coverage. The highest temperatures in many places have reached record highs. The constantly updated data have led experts to a conclusion: the comprehensive intensity of high temperature in 2022 may be the strongest since 1961.

In Sermatec, there are such a group of people. They are under the scorching sun on their heads, with their feet burning earth, and their backs clinging to wet work clothes, sweating like rain. They stick to the production and commissioning sites all over the country every day, and strive to deliver energy storage products that satisfy customers without saying any hardship or tiredness. Their figure has become the most beautiful scenery in summer! In the first half of 2022, due to the impact of the epidemic, the project production and commissioning of the Shanghai headquarters were forced to stop for two months. In order to meet the delivery as soon as possible and relieve the project pressure caused by the epidemic, the colleagues in the front line of Sermatec had to wind up, and many project tasks went hand in hand.

Walking into the front-line scene, a group of busy figures can be seen everywhere. All of us are concentrating on operating the equipment in front of us. With strong perseverance, sweat and passion, we played the strongest production voice of “fighting high temperature and ensuring progress” in summer.

A production partner told us, “when we are doing outdoor work, the work clothes on us are not dry for a moment.” The scorching sun tried to scorch the whole land, and it was their sweat that always soaked the land. This summer is indeed extremely hot, but Sermatec people are using more fiery and firm determination to narrow the distance with customers, contribute to the construction of energy storage projects, and write brilliantly in their own way! Gorky once said: labor is the source of all happiness and all good things in the world. Glory belongs to those who work hard. The development of the enterprise can not be separated from the hard work of our front-line workers. They may not have a comfortable office environment and can not work from 9 to 5 like most of us, but they do their best to do their work well, not afraid of the scorching sun, not afraid of the heat wave, meticulous, and keep improving. They interpret the professional spirit of love and dedication in their respective posts. Sermatec also prepared medicines such as Huoxiang Zhengqi water in addition to cool drinks for front-line employees to avoid dehydration and heatstroke caused by high temperature environment. The principle of scientific dispatching and reasonable arrangement of high-temperature operation time shall be firmly followed in Sermatec, and heatstroke prevention and cooling measures shall be implemented to ensure the physical health and operation safety of front-line workers. They are producers and creators of excellent achievements in energy mining. Because of their responsibilities, they stick to them. They practice the beautiful vision of mining solar energy with both hands. They are the most beautiful adherents under high temperature!