Next City | 200MWh! Sermatec won the bid for energy storage system supply of Shandong Institute

On November 8, Sermatec received the Letter of Acceptance for Yantai Fushan 100MW/200MWh Centralized (Shared) Energy Storage Power Station Project from Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute”). According to the requirements of the bidding documents of the project, Sermatec will supply high-quality and intelligent liquid cooling energy storage system equipment for the project.


Wang Jianpeng, general manager of Sermatec, said that Yantai Fushan 100MW/200MWh energy storage project is one of the second batch of energy storage demonstration projects in Shandong Province, and also the fourth large-scale independent energy storage power station project to be supplied by Sermatec Liquid Cooling Energy Storage System in 2022. The implementation of this project will effectively alleviate the peak load regulation and frequency modulation capabilities of Yantai power grid, and greatly ensure the security of regional power grid; At the same time, it will also accumulate experience for the construction of grid side energy storage projects in other regions in China, and promote the industrialization of domestic energy storage equipment technology.

Sermatec began to lay out the energy storage industry in 2017, and has formed a complete industrial chain of core components such as BMS, PCS, EMS, etc., realizing the independent supporting of equipment and control systems required by the energy storage system. The customer’s choice of the energy storage system of Sermatec is also the recognition of the safety of Sermatec products, the advanced reliability of technology and the customer first service system. The new generation of intelligent liquid cooling energy storage system independently developed by Sermatec has been fully applied in the market in 2022, and the shipment is expected to exceed 1GWh in the year.

Next, Sermatec Energy will make every effort to do a good job in the production, supply and commissioning of the project, ensure grid connected power generation on schedule, strive to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the global energy storage system with excellent quality and service, strive to become the preferred partner under the path of sustainable development, and make great contributions to the realization of energy transformation and green development!