Wulanchabu Regional Economic Cooperation Bureau, Municipal Energy Investment Company and Chayouqian Banner Government visited Sermatec Energy for an inspection

On the morning of November 12, led by Zhang Ruibin, director of the Regional Economic Cooperation Bureau of Ulanchabu City, the relevant leaders of the Municipal Energy Investment Company and the relevant leaders of the Government of Chayouqian Banner visited the headquarters of Jiading District of Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology Co., Ltd., accompanied by Li Feng, chairman of Cairi Energy, and the two sides exchanged views on further deepening strategic cooperation in the energy field and reached a consensus.

In the exhibition hall on the first floor of the headquarters, Chairman Li Feng introduced the development process of Sermatec Energy, the layout of the global sales network, product technology research and development and other details to Director Zhang Ruibin and his party, as well as the digital energy operation and maintenance systems such as the 3S intelligent energy storage system and the Cairi cloud platform independently developed by Sermatec Energy.

Since its inception, Sermatec Energy adheres to the innovation-driven enterprise development, continuously increases the research and development investment in energy storage 3S control technology, improves the safety and operation efficiency of energy storage systems in the whole life cycle, and has obtained a number of safety and efficiency related invention patents.

Subsequently, the two sides held in-depth talks on modern energy economy and industrial cooperation, during the talks, Director Zhang Ruibin expressed appreciation and affirmation for the R&D innovation of Sermatec Energy in the field of energy storage, and Sermatec Energy also decided to invest in the construction of energy storage intelligent manufacturing base in Wulanchabu City.

Based on the strategic opportunity of accelerating the “source network and load storage” project during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Wulanchabu City is building an upstream and downstream industrial chain focusing on modern energy industrial parks and focusing on new energy technology research and development, operation and maintenance, and high-end equipment manufacturing. The market strategic layout of Sermatec Energy and Wulanchabu City have a high degree of industrial fit and strong complementarity, and the two sides have great prospects for industrial cooperation. It is hoped that the two sides will further give full play to their respective advantages, innovate cooperation models, expand cooperation areas, and work together to open a new chapter of government-enterprise cooperation under the dual carbon target.