World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought | The “pearl” in the desert – the Gamba energy storage power station in Tibet

June 17 is the 27th Desertification and Drought Day, and desertification has become the world’s most prominent ecological and environmental problem.

Among them, China is one of the countries most seriously affected by desertification.According to the results of the Fifth National Desertification and Desertification Monitoring, as of 2020, the total area of desertification land in China will reach 2.6116 million square kilometers, accounting for about 27% of the total land area.

In addition to planting trees and grass, returning farmland to forests, etc., by building a protective system to prevent and control sand, it is also extremely important to solve the supply of human resources in desertification areas and curb the excessive seizure of natural resources by human beings.

The energy storage power station in Gamba County, Tibet, is such a shining “pearl” in the desert, which achieves the best balance between economic demand, social demand and environmental demand with low carbon emissions and low pollution green energy supply.

Gamba County, Shigatse City, Tibet, is located on the Tibetan plateau, close to Mount Everest, the roof of the world. Located in the hinterland of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Gamba County has an average altitude of up to 5,000 meters, with thin oxygen, harsh natural conditions, sparse natural vegetation, and mostly barren mountains and bald ridges, which is called Tibet’s “forbidden area of life”
However, the high latitude and high altitude also give Gamba County rich light resources, and the annual sunshine hours of Gamba County are more than 3200 hours, and the total annual radiation reaches more than 6680MJ/㎡.
In 2020, as the system integrator of the Gamba Energy Storage Power Station project in Tibet, Cairi Energy came to this wasteland to participate in the construction of the world’s highest altitude light storage integrated project.
In view of environmental factors such as high altitude, low temperature and low pressure, condensation, wind and sand, Sermatec Energy adopts double-layer thermal insulation design, outer layer insulation adopts integrated foaming process, and the hatch and opening adopt multiple dustproof and sealing structures.

It is worth mentioning that the prefabricated cabin system, BMS, DC protection unit, intelligent auxiliary system, monitoring system, power supply system, etc. are all independently designed and integrated by Sermatec Energy, realizing one-stop integration and system testing of the factory, which greatly shortens the workload of the project site on the basis of ensuring the quality of the project.

As one of the first batch of optical storage integration projects in Tibet to be included in the demonstration, the 40MW/193MWh large-scale photovoltaic energy storage power station project in Gamba County, Tibet adopts the scheme of block power generation and centralized grid connection, and the project plans photovoltaic construction capacity of 40MW, and the energy storage system is equipped with charging power of 40MW, which is currently one of the world’s highest altitude and largest installed capacity optical storage integration projects. The project is expected to generate 72 million kWh of electricity per year, which is equivalent to saving 26,200 tons of standard coal, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 7,900 tons and reducing sulfur dioxide emissions by 2,400 tons.

Due to the configuration of a large-capacity energy storage system, the project can be used as a stable power source to provide green power at night, effectively solving the problem of consumption of photovoltaic power generation. At the same time, the power station can accept direct dispatch of the power grid, providing a maximum of 40MW/193MWh of frequency regulation and peak regulation capability, effectively improving the local power grid voltage adjustment difficulties, transient voltage stability and other issues.

In addition, the energy storage power station will also make positive contributions to the industrial development, fiscal taxation, labor employment, precision poverty alleviation and other aspects of Xigaze City, and promote the development of surrounding industries such as agriculture and mining in Xigaze.

We also invite all sectors of society to join us in taking practical actions to help the earth repair and heal and create a better tomorrow for the sustainable development of mankind.