Win-win cooperation|Sermatec Energy signed a project cooperation agreement with Huaneng Gansu Company

Recently, Huaneng Gansu Energy Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huaneng Gansu Company”) and the world’s leading electrochemical energy storage system solution provider Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sermatec Energy”) officially signed a project cooperation agreement protocol. The two parties will establish a comprehensive and in-depth project partnership in the field of clean energy around the national goals of “carbon peaking” and “carbon neutrality”.

Before the signing of the agreement, Huang Haiwei, a member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Huaneng Gansu Company, and his entourage visited the Shanghai headquarters and production base of Sermatec Energy, accompanied by Wang Jianpeng, general manager of Sermatec Energy, and the two parties had an in-depth and friendly talk.

Wang Jianpeng, General Manager of Sermatec Energy, expressed a warm welcome to Manager Huang Haiwei and his party. He introduced the industrial layout and advantages of Sermatec Energy in the field of energy storage to Manager Huang Haiwei, and made comments on the supply and demand of energy storage market, industry status and technology trends. in-depth analysis.

The development of China’s energy storage industry has led the world in technology, and the industrial chain is fully independent, which has transformed the energy structure and brought development opportunities. Wang Jianpeng, general manager of Sermatec Energy, said that green development and addressing climate change have become a global consensus and mission, and “carbon neutrality” and “carbon peaking” are both opportunities and challenges. On the basis of the project cooperation with Gansu Huaneng Company, Sermatec will make every effort to ensure the safe and efficient progress of the project, and look forward to the joint efforts and exploration of both parties in the future, and continuous integration, innovation and efficient cooperation.

Deputy General Manager Huang Haiwei spoke highly of the partnership established by the two parties this time. He said that at present, China Huaneng Group is transforming from a comprehensive energy group to a clean energy company, and the proportion of clean energy power generation continues to grow. The strategic layout of Sermatec Energy in Gansu will give Huaneng Gansu a great support and advantage for the development of the clean energy business.

It is hoped that the two sides will strengthen strategic alignment, intensify cooperation in industrial implementation, project development, etc., expand the scope of cooperation, and jointly implement the goals of “carbon peaking” and “carbon neutrality”, so as to open a new chapter of strong alliance and common development. .

The signing of this project cooperation agreement between Sermatec Energy and Huaneng Gansu Company indicates that the two parties will further adhere to the multi-channel, multi-field and multi-level cooperation tenet, in the development of new energy projects, energy storage system integration solutions, and digital energy storage power stations. Cooperation in areas such as operation and maintenance will jointly promote the large-scale development and application of clean energy in the region, and help China achieve the goals of “carbon peaking” and “carbon neutrality” at an early date.

About Huaneng Gansu Energy Development Co., Ltd.

Huaneng Gansu Energy Development Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned regional subsidiary established by China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd. in Gansu Province in 2008. Currently, the company manages an installed power generation capacity of 11.73 million kilowatts, accounting for one-fifth of the installed capacity in Gansu Province. In 2021, the power generation will exceed 43.5 billion kWh, accounting for a quarter of the total power generation in Gansu Province, and the annual heating area will exceed 80 million square meters.

During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the company will steadily promote the integrated green and smart comprehensive energy base of “wind, light, fire, storage and transmission” in Longdong in accordance with the idea of “a modern energy industry system with electricity as the core, multi-energy synergy, innovation and financial support” and supporting project construction, and actively implement the comprehensive development of new energy projects in the Hexi Corridor.