Shanxi Province Investment Promotion Delegation and Loop Energy visit Sermatec Energy for tripartite investment promotion conference

On the morning of November 9, a delegation from Shanxi Province, led by Liu Yiyou, deputy director of the Shanxi Investment Promotion Bureau, and Kirk Livingston, senior vice president of Asia-Pacific region of Loop Energy, visited the headquarters of Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology Co., Ltd. for tripartite investment promotion conference.

During the meeting, Wang Jianpeng, general manager of Sermatec Energy, extended a warm welcome to the Shanxi Investment Promotion and Investment Delegation and Loop Energy’s delegation from afar, and focused on the development history, core technology and development strategy of Sermatec Energy.

General Manager Wang Jianpeng said that Shanxi is rich in mineral resources and is an important new energy and industrial base in China. Under the background of the national dual carbon goals and dual control goals, Sermatec Energy will actively promote cooperation between the two parties in the field of energy structure optimization and upgrading. Promote the early realization of the carbon peak and neutrality goals.

Kirk Livingston, Senior Vice President of Loop Energy Asia Pacific, introduced the main business, superior products and China localization strategy. Loop Energy is the industry’s leading fuel cell system manufacturer, committed to the electrification of commercial vehicles and stationary power systems. The establishment of the China branch in Jiading District is the foundation for Loop Energy to further enter the Chinese market.

Liu Yiyou, deputy director of Shanxi Investment Promotion Bureau, affirmed the technological innovation and contribution made by Sermatec Energy and Loop Energy in the energy industry. He said that Shanxi is accelerating the creation of a market-oriented, legalized, and international business environment. Under the wave of global energy structure optimization and upgrading, Shanxi sincerely invites more outstanding companies to work together to open a new chapter in future development.