Sermatec reach strategic cooperation agreements with Three Gorges Electric Energy, TÜV SÜD and Shuangdeng Group!

As the most popular and largest industry event of the year, SNEC was still crowded on the second day of its opening. There was an endless stream of people on the scene, and booths of various colors were vying for beauty.

Also in full swing is the Sermatec Energy Exhibition Area, which today respectively reached strategic cooperation agreements with Three Gorges Electric Energy, TÜV SÜD and Shuangdeng Group.

Since the first launch of SNEC, Sermatec’s booth has entered the mode of people herding.

Exhibits such as the household energy storage integrated machine series, household solar energy storage inverter series, industrial and commercial energy storage systems, PCS modules, energy storage converters and energy storage containers independently developed by Sermatec Energy have attracted a steady stream of professionals, consultation and discussion.

Three Gorges Electric Energy

Sermatec Energy and Three Gorges Electric Energy will establish a strategic cooperative relationship based on the principles of equality, mutual benefit and complementary advantages, and carry out all-round cooperation in core business areas such as energy storage project development, energy storage product research and development, supply chain and manufacturing, sales and service. To communicate with each other to jointly promote the achievement of China’s carbon peak and carbon neutral goals.


Sermatec Energy and TÜV SÜD will conduct more in-depth strategic cooperation on product testing and certification, and energy storage system safety assessment and acceptance.

Safety is the foundation of all sustainable development of Sermatec Energy. The subsequent project construction of Sermatec Energy will introduce TÜV SÜD as a third-party inspection and quality technology cooperation agency. From design, product reliability and standard compliance, construction process, operation acceptance Wait for the entire process to do a good job of risk management and control to ensure the safe operation of the project.

The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement will further deepen the cooperation and development of one-stop technical services for energy storage products between the two parties in the field of new energy.

Shuangdeng Group Co., Ltd.

The establishment of the strategic partnership between Sermatec Energy and Shuangdeng Group represents that the two parties will carry out multi-channel and multi-level comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in domestic and international project development, engineering construction and supporting services, technological innovation, and industrial investment. Work together to promote the low-carbon and green transformation of the world’s energy and achieve sustainable social development.