Sermatec Energy signs Industry self-discipline conventions as first batch

On July 10, the China Energy High-end Forum, Energy Storage Safety Symposium was held in Beijing. This energy storage safety symposium focused on the energy storage industry with the theme of “Building a strong bottom line for energy storage safety and escorting the healthy development of the industry” On safety issues, explore new paths for the safety and healthy development of the industry. As one of the council members of China Energy Storage Alliance, Sermatec Energy attended this seminar.

The issuance and signing of the industry self-discipline convention is the highlight of the seminar. Sermatec Energy is one of the first companies to sign the industry self-discipline convention.

The main purpose of this “Industry Self-Discipline Convention on Promoting the Safety, Health, and Sustainable Development of the Energy Storage Industry” is to create a good industrial development environment, encourage and protect fair competition, and promote and ensure industrial safety, health, and sustainable development in accordance with the law.

The convention mentions “objective and pragmatic, rational and prudential, comprehensively assessing the cost of project execution and reasonable quotation, and there must be no malicious competition, disrupting market order, etc.”, precisely in order to suppress the hidden safety hazards and market distortions caused by vicious low-price competition; and “Strictly perform project safety, fire protection, environmental protection and other management procedures, and implement safety responsibilities” and “strengthen the operation and maintenance management of completed energy storage projects to ensure safe and stable operation” focus on the safety of energy storage project construction. One of the goals that Sermatec Energy has always valued and worked hard for.

As early as April this year, Sermatec Energy has signed a safety insurance agreement with TÜV SÜD and an insurance brokerage company. TÜV SÜD will conduct a comprehensive and rigorous assessment of the production process, quality control, system design, project construction, data operation and financial status of Sermatec Energy; the insurance brokerage company will provide underwriting services for Sermatec Energy’s products and projects. Project owners and investors provide effective property and personal safety protection.

Like Li Feng, the chairman of Sermatec Energy has said “safety is the foundation of all sustainable development of Sermatec Energy”. Sermatec Energy will continue to dedicate the safe and efficient operation of global energy storage systems, become the revolutionary power which accomplish China’s carbon peak and carbon neutrality goal.