Sermatec Energy signed another large-scale shared energy storage power station supply contract in Ningxia

A few days ago, the Northwest Business Department of Sermatec Energy succeeded in the 100MW/200MWh shared energy storage power station project in Banqiao, Litong District, following the supply of lithium iron phosphate energy storage systems for the Ningxia Wuzhong Litong Tongli 100MW/200MWh shared energy storage power station project. Sign the energy storage system equipment supply contract.

It has successively become the main equipment supplier of domestic shared energy storage power station benchmark projects, which not only further consolidates the leading market position of Sermatec Energy in the energy storage industry, but also demonstrates the market’s recognition and confidence in the technology and service strength of Sermatec Energy.

In recent years, with the continuous increase in the proportion of new energy installed capacity in Ningxia Autonomous Region, the contradiction caused by insufficient consumption capacity has become prominent, and the construction of large-scale energy storage power stations is a good medicine to solve the problem of new energy consumption and grid connection. Large-scale energy storage power stations can not only effectively stabilize the volatility and intermittency of new energy power generation in Ningxia, relieve the local power supply pressure, but also help improve the peak regulation and frequency regulation support capabilities of the Ningxia Autonomous Region power grid, and improve the voltage quality and grid security and stability.

Sermatec Energy, as the main equipment supplier of the 100MW/200MWh shared energy storage power station project in Banqiao, Litong District, will provide the overall design and system integration technical services for the project, and assist the general contractor China Power Construction East China Electric Power Survey and Design Institute to complete the equipment Installation, commissioning and operation, etc., the project plans to complete full-capacity delivery and commissioning in the third quarter of 2022.

Up to now, Sermatec Energy’s grid-side orders in 2022 have exceeded 1GWh. Affected by the epidemic in Shanghai, Sermatec Energy has accelerated the investment and construction of the Wuzhong factory in Ningxia. After the start of production in early June, it will ease the delivery pressure caused by the epidemic.

As a leading energy storage system manufacturer and energy digital operator in safety and efficiency, Sermatec Energy will continue to innovate around market demand, integrate digital energy technology and power electronics technology to further reform and upgrade the energy industry, and work with partners to achieve dual carbon target efforts.