Sermatec Energy is resumed | resumed work in an orderly manner and safely

In May, the epidemic situation in Shanghai gradually stabilized, and after winning the quota for resuming work and production, the Shanghai headquarters of Sermatec strictly followed the requirements of the “Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of the Epidemic in the Resumption of Work and Production in the Productive Service Industry in Shanghai”, fully cooperated with the epidemic prevention management regulations at all levels of the city, district and street, and organized some employees to transfer to the Xindian Road office building for closed management in an orderly manner. As of May 19, a total of 50 approved employees have returned to work in the Headquarters of Cairi Energy in Shanghai, returning to front-line positions such as research and development, production, sales and after-sales. Another 23 employees are under review for resumption of work, and it is believed that they will soon join the team of resuming work and production.
  01 Focus on details to create a safe working environment
Vehicles carrying employees returning to work arrived at the Shanghai headquarters, and all personnel and belongings carried were disinfected and tested for antigens at the first time. After confirming that the result is negative, the newly arrived employee enters the silent area for a 5-day silent isolation. In order to prevent cross-infection, the activity space of employees in the silent period is isolated from other employees to maximize the personal safety of employees in the factor.
In order to better carry out the epidemic prevention and control work in the stage of resuming work and production, Sermatec Energy has also set up a leading group for epidemic prevention and control, which comprehensively manages the working environment, production and transportation, logistics support, etc., and formulates an epidemic prevention and control management plan involving preparations for resumption of work and production, employee return to work, closed management, emergency disposal and other aspects.

After returning to work, the closed management is refined to information registration, personal protection, catering management, sanitize management, nucleic acid antigen testing, material management, waste disposal and other links; In terms of emergency handling, management rules have been formulated from the aspects of regular information reporting, abnormal emergency response to nucleic acid detection, follow-up flow, sanitize requirements, patient transfer, and emergency material reserves.

02 Make concerted efforts to resume production and delivery in an orderly manner Since March this year, under the influence of the epidemic in Shanghai, production work at the Shanghai headquarters has been forced to stagnate. Under the circumstance that some employees have resumed work and production one after another, the production of Sermatec Energy’s Shanghai headquarters is also resuming in an orderly manner.

During the sealing and control period, under the restriction of limited personnel, the smooth progress of research and development and production was guaranteed, which put forward higher requirements for safety management. At this time, the 50 resident employees showed a stronger sense of ownership and cohesion than ever before. Employees of various departments at the Shanghai headquarters have carried out the work in an orderly manner, planning to deliver the first batch of goods of the Taiwan user-side FM project on May 20, and deliver the power generation side projects in Zhejiang and Gansu at the end of the month, and work together to recover the losses caused by the epidemic to production and operation.

At the same time, the construction of the Ningxia Cairi Energy Plant is also in full swing according to the established plan, and it has been put into production as early as May 30 to alleviate the delivery pressure brought by the epidemic to the Shanghai plant.

In this special period of the epidemic, the steady progress and high-quality delivery of the work of The Energy Shanghai headquarters are inseparable from the efforts of all the employees stationed at the headquarters, working from home and traveling, who are the biggest contributors to the battle to resume work and production.

There is no winter that is insurmountable, and there is no spring that does not come. Sermatec Energy firmly believes that the day of Shanghai’s unsealing is approaching, and the team that has experienced the tempering of this epidemic will not be disadvantaged in the face of other difficulties.

Sermatec Energy, with the realization of the dual carbon target as its own responsibility, escorts the safe and efficient operation of energy storage systems for customers around the world.