Sermatc Energy joins hands with Longneng Power to build an energy storage project in Wolong Electric Drive Industrial Park

Recently, Sermatc Energy and Longneng Power reached an agreement to jointly develop Zhejiang Wolong Electric Drive Shangyu Headquarters Park Energy Storage Power Station Project. The two parties will work together to provide a complete set of optical storage solutions for the project to meet customer power needs.

Project Introduction-Zhejiang Wolong Electric Drive Industrial Park

Wolong Electric Drive is a top manufacturer of motors and drives in China, headquartered in Shangyu Industrial Park, Zhejiang. In order to alleviate the situation that the capacity of the supporting power supply system in the park cannot meet the electricity demand, Longneng Power has built a rooftop distributed photovoltaic power station in the Wolong Group Headquarters Park earlier, with an annual power generation capacity of nearly 7 million kWh. Nowadays, with the expansion of Wolong’s electric drive production scale and business, the park’s electricity load continues to grow, and the corresponding supporting power supply system urgently needs to be upgraded. In order to solve the power supply problem in the industrial park, Wolong Electric Drive organized an expert team to evaluate the feasibility, economy and reliability of the solution proposed by the supplier, and finally selected the optical storage integrated coordinated control technology jointly proposed by Sermatc Energy and Longneng Power And supporting energy storage solutions (4MWh integrated optical storage system). After the plan is completed, it will meet the peak electricity demand in the Wolong Electric Drive Industrial Park and save the electricity cost of the park. Optical storage fusion technology has the characteristics of low cost, high efficiency, and high reliability. The container energy storage power station uses the energy management system to collect the transmission power of the 10kV power supply line and the load rate of the transformer where the energy storage connection point is located in real time, and cooperate with the advanced charge and discharge control strategy to efficiently complete the energy storage system under the premise of ensuring that the 10kV power supply line does not have overload faults. Charging and discharging; at the same time, the active power of the plant area can reach self-balance During daytime plant production (that is, during the peak period of power consumption), the energy storage system coordinates the parallel operation of photovoltaic power generation units with the grid to supply power to the plant’s electrical loads. The energy storage system achieves the purpose of supporting the shortage of active power in the power supply network of the factory area, preventing power outages caused by power shortages, and solving the power supply problem of Wolong Electric Industrial Park with higher efficiency, lower cost and more stable power supply. Sermatc Energy and Longneng Power will carry out comprehensive cooperation in resources, technology and other fields, complement each other’s advantages and combine strengths, and actively implement the national goal of “30 carbon peaks, 60 carbon neutral”, and jointly contribute to the high quality of green energy. development of.

About Longneng Power

Zhejiang Longneng Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 and is affiliated to Wolong Electric Drive. Its business includes photovoltaic power station operation and user-side energy-saving services. It has operations in Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan, Anhui, and Liaoning. 300MW photovoltaic power station.