Ms. Lu Zufang, Deputy Mayor of Jiading District, and her party visited Sermatec Energy for exchanges

On the afternoon of June 21, Ms. Lu Zufang, Deputy Governor of Jiading District, and her party visited Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology Co., Ltd. for inspection and exchange. Wang Jianpeng, general manager of Sermatec Energy, and others accompanied the inspection.

Accompanied by Wang Jianpeng, General Manager of Sermatec Energy, Deputy Governor Lu and his party successively went to the container production and assembly site and exhibition hall to understand the development plan of Sermatec Energy innovation and research and development, intelligent production, energy strategic layout, and global market development.

Deputy Governor Lu fully affirmed the rapid development of Sermatec Energy in recent years and the outstanding achievements made in the energy field, and put forward ardent expectations for the development of Sermatec Energy in Jiading District, she said: “Companies like Sermatec Energy with a smart energy management cloud platform are an important part of the development of the ‘four wisdoms’ (smart city, smart transportation, smart car, and smart energy) in Jiading District. ”

Based on the self-developed 3S intelligent energy storage system, the intelligent energy management cloud platform breaks the information exchange barrier between the core equipment of energy storage, and through multi-point information monitoring and big data analysis, it can easily realize the functions of intelligent monitoring, intelligent scheduling, energy-saving management and other functions of energy storage equipment, providing higher economic and social benefits for home and industrial and commercial users with digital energy management solutions.

General Manager Wang Jianpeng said: As the first of the five new cities, Jiading district government has been committed to optimizing the business environment and actively improving various infrastructure construction. As one of the leading enterprises in the energy storage industry, Sermatec Energy will play a leading role, seize the strategic opportunity of green industry development, and help the green optimization and upgrading of the energy structure in Jiading District with advanced power electronics technology and energy interconnection technology.

Finally, Deputy Governor Lu also focused on the resumption of work and production of Sermatec energy, and asked whether there were any difficulties encountered by Sermatec energy after the resumption of work and production. She pointed out that the epidemic has suddenly increased the pressure on enterprises, but we must look forward and move forward towards the goal.