Lu Qiang, director of the Development and Reform Bureau of Yumen City, and his party visited Sermatec Energy for a visit and inspection

A few days ago, Lu Qiang, director of the Development and Reform Bureau of Yumen City, Gansu Province, Lei Haiqin and Zhang Huai, staff members of the new energy and equipment manufacturing industry chain of Yumen City, visited Shanghai Cairi Energy Technology Co., Ltd., accompanied by Wang Jianpeng, general manager of Sermatec Energy. 

Director Lu Qiang and his party learned in detail about the research and development, manufacturing and production, global market layout and other work of Sermatec Energy, and especially expressed their affirmation and appreciation for the “shared energy storage” development plan proposed by Sermatec Energy. With the power grid as the link, the shared energy storage integrates the resources of the decentralized power grid side, power supply side and user side energy storage power station and uniformly coordinates and serves all the subjects in the power grid, giving full play to the value of the energy storage power station。

Director Lu Qiang said: In April this year, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration issued the “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of New Energy Storage (Draft for Comments)”, which encouraged the exploration and construction of shared energy storage, which can maximize the use of public resources, not only increase power generation, improve new energy consumption, but also enrich the profitability of energy storage power stations. Director Lu Qiang said that he would organize talks with relevant departments and enterprises such as development and reform, power grids, and power generation enterprises, and work with Mining Energy on shared energy storage projects to promote substantial progress in shared energy storage projects and achieve win-win social and economic benefits.