Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jiading Industrial Zone Li Chao visit Sermatec

On the afternoon of December 9th, Li Chao, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Executive Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Jiading Industrial Zone, visited Sermatec Energy. Shen Jie, member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee and Chen Jianzhong, general manager of Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone Development(Group) accompanied the investigation. The chairman of Sermatec Energy Li Feng and the general manager Wang Jianpeng received the visit, and the two parties had an in-depth meeting.

Accompanied by Sermatec Energy Chairman Li Feng and General Manager Wang Jianpeng, Li Chao went deep into the company’s production workshops, assembly sites, and exhibition halls to learn about Sermatec Energy’s innovative R&D, intelligent production, energy strategic layout, global market development and other development plans.

Li Chao fully affirmed the rapid development of Sermatec Energy in recent years and its achievements in the energy field, and focused on the smart energy management cloud platform displayed in the Sermatec Energy Exhibition Hall.

Based on the self-developed 3S smart energy storage system, Sermatec’s smart energy management cloud platform breaks the information exchange barrier of energy storage core equipments. Through multi-point information monitoring and big data analysis, intelligent monitoring and intelligent dispatching of energy storage equipment can be easily realized, provide households, industrial and commercial users with digital energy management solutions with higher economic and social benefits.

In the subsequent talks, Chairman Li Feng put forward many demands brought about by the expansion and development of Sermatec, and said that the good development of the company cannot be separated from the strong support of the government. As one of the leading companies in the energy storage industry, Sermatec Energy will take the lead, seize the strategic opportunity period for the development of the “14th Five-Year Plan” green industry, and use advanced power electronics and energy interconnection technologies to help further the green optimization and upgrading of the energy structure of the Jiading Industrial Zone.

Li Chao listened carefully to the demands of Sermatec Energy. He said that the park will follow up and implement the needs of enterprises in a timely manner, promote the implementation of the beneficial enterprise policy, and strive to create a better ecological environment for the development of the park.

Li Chao also said that Sermatec Energy has rich and mature energy storage project design, integration, construction experience and industry-leading R&D and innovation capabilities, and it is the preferred partner of the park’s energy green digital transformation. In the future, the two parties will actively respond to the national 3060 dual-carbon strategy, establish a number of national energy storage demonstration model projects, further deepen government-enterprise cooperation in the field of energy structure optimization, and jointly open a new chapter in zero-carbon green development of Jiading Industrial Zone.