Lead by Sinovation Ventures, Sermatec Energy secures Series-A funding of over 100 million yuan

On August 10, Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it has completed Series-A funding of over 100 million yuan. This round of financing was led by Sinovation Ventures, Cowin Capital followed the investment. Three Gorges Electric Energy Management and Shuifa Energy Group also provided strong strategic support and industrial coordination in the development of Sermatec Energy. This funding successfully not only explored a path for the integration and development of energy state-owned enterprises, capital and private technology companies, but also help achieve China “30·60” goal, transformation of new power systems, and provide more users with professional energy services. Galaxy Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor for this round of financing.

Li Feng, founder and chairman of Sermatec Energy, said: “The cooperation between Sermatec Energy and top capital such as Sinovation Ventures and Cowin Capital will further help the company invest more resources in R&D, production and sales, which will accelerate the company. Thanks to Sinovation Ventures, Cowin Capital, Three Gorges Electric Energy Management and Shuifa Energy Group for their support and confidence in Sermatec, Sermatec will live up to expectations, drive development with innovative technology, and open up new areas for safe and efficient development in the field of energy storage.”

Established in 2017, Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional energy storage system supplier. The company is committed to escorting the safe and efficient operation of global energy storage systems through advanced power electronic control technology and energy Internet technology.

Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Sermatec Energy is one of the few high-tech enterprises in the industry with 3S energy storage system technology (BMS\EMS\PCS), and its technological innovation strength is far ahead. The company has a research and development team of more than 160 people, professional technology covers power electronics, electrochemistry, electrical, materials, energy, Internet and other fields; the Shanghai headquarters has the production and delivery capacity of 5GWh+ energy storage system (products cover household and user side, Power generation side/grid side). As of the end of 2020, Sermatec Energy’s products have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and domestic shipments rank among the top three in the market. In July 2021, Ningxia GW-level energy storage Manufacturing Factory project, jointly developed by Sermatec Energy and China Power Investment Corporation Wuling Power, has officially launched.

The energy storage industry has become a high-quality track that the top funds are optimistic about. This investment from Sinovation Ventures and Cowin Capital officially opened a new development pattern for Sermatec’s energy, and fully demonstrated the industry’s firm confidence in the future of Sermatec. Sermatec Energy will continue to work hard, never forget the original intention, and move forward with gratitude! Be a good escort for the safety and efficiency of the energy storage system.

Zhang Ying, Partner of Sinovation Ventures

Driven by the policy of carbon neutrality and carbon compliance, the model of clean energy plus energy storage will usher in a rapid large-scale implementation. As a R&D, production and service operator of energy storage systems, Sermatec Energy already has a relatively mature and complete product system and experience in a number of medium and large projects. We believe that with the rapid development of the industry and the continuous enrichment of various energy storage application scenarios, the company can maintain the competitiveness of the industry and obtain dividends from the rapid growth of the market. After the Sinovation Ventures completes the lead investment in this round of mining energy, it will continue to lay out the new energy industry chain.

Zhang Yiwei, Partner of Cowin Capital

Under my country’s “3060 Double Carbon Target”, the development of energy storage ushered in a historic opportunity. Sermatec Energy is one of the few energy storage system design, R&D, production and service operators in the industry with complete independent research and development of 3S technology. We are highly optimistic about the rich experience, extensive resources and entrepreneurial vision of core teams such as Li Feng and Wang Jianpeng in the new energy and power industries. The investment in Sermatec Energy also completes the layout of Cowin Capital in the new energy storage industry chain.

WU Han, Partner of Galaxy Capital

The central government has made it clear that a new power system with new energy as the main body will be established in the future, and the long-term development path of photovoltaic and wind power will be established in the future. The demand for energy storage at the source, grid and load is becoming more and more obvious.As an energy storage control system and data service provider, Sermatec Energy has the industry’s leading 3S control technology, optimizes the overall control strategy of the battery cell, and has made a series of upgrades to the BMS and EMS architecture design to ensure the stability of the system, Security, and consistency. The participation of well-known financial institutions and strategic investors this round will further accelerate the progress of Sermatec’s product development and market expansion. Galaxy Capital will continue to provide industrial, capital and strategic empowerment for Sermatec Energy, and help outstanding enterprises to grow rapidly.