Going Global|Sermatec Energy Products won the third stage grid connection certificate in Poland

On May 9th, the SMT-10K-TL-TH integrated solar energy storage machine SMT-10K-TL-TH successfully obtained the third stage grid connection certificate of TÜV SÜD DAkkS. As one of the few domestic manufacturers that has passed the third stage requirements of the Polish Power Transmission and Distribution Association, the acquisition of the certificate indicates that the technical requirements of Sermatec Energy’s products have been recognized by the Polish market and have an “international passport”.

Obtaining the qualification recognition of the Polish Power Transmission and Distribution Association PTPiREE is a necessary condition for all photovoltaic grid-connected inverters and energy storage grid-connected power generation systems to enter the Polish market.

From May 1, 2022, PTPiREE requires that all certificates must meet the requirements of the third stage before they can be listed and connected to the grid, and all certificates that do not meet the third stage will be invalid. With the assistance of Sermatec Energy’s technicians and TÜV SÜD staff, Sermatec Energy’s integrated optical storage machine successfully obtained the third stage grid connection certificate in a short period of time, and will continue to provide safe, efficient and green storage for the Polish market in the future. able product.

Since its establishment, Sermatec Energy has insisted on safety and high efficiency as its product focus. From household energy storage to industrial and commercial energy storage, from energy storage products to energy storage systems, Sermatec Energy has diversified to meet the multi-scenario energy application needs of global customers. . The modular 30kW and 60kW power units certified by TÜV can not only flexibly match the different power requirements of industry and commerce, but also have the advantages of system multi-family battery optimization, convenient capacity expansion and maintenance.

With high-level product quality, Sermatec Energy products have been continuously recognized by global authoritative organizations, and have certifications in many overseas hot markets such as Germany, Australia, South Africa, and Italy.

In the future, Sermatec Energy will continue to promote the development of the global energy industry, accelerate the innovative application of energy storage technology, and strive for the early realization of the dual carbon goal.