Delixi Electric and Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology sign a strategic cooperation agreement

On November 17, Delixi Electric and Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology sign a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai.

Delixi Electric President Lou Feng, Vice President of Strategy Zhu Tong, Vice President of R&D Ruan Tao, Sermatec Energy Chairman Li Feng, General Manager Wang Jianpeng, System Intelligence Director Sun Dashuai, Project Director Cheng Sheng, and Assistant General Manager Zhao Danyang attended the Signing ceremony.

The signing of this agreement signifies that the two parties will in-depth cooperation in the field of “new energy and new infrastructure” to jointly promote the development and the quality and efficiency of energy storage system.

The 14th “Five-Year Plan” was released, and the construction of a modern energy system was put on the agenda. How to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, and transform present industry into an energy-saving, environmentally-friendly industry has become a key issue for the development of the industrial field.

In order to promote enterprise scientific and technological progress, and strengthen the transformation of research results, Delixi Electric choose to cooperate with a well-known domestic energy storage product manufacturer and energy storage system data service provider, Sermatec Energy, to carry out deepening cooperation.

Based on the principle of “complementary advantages, resource sharing, win-win cooperation, and coordinated development”, the two parties focus on product development, equipment manufacturing, system intelligent innovation, environment-friendly smart factories, resource sharing, think tanks and other fields to carry out long-term strategies. Grasp new opportunities for energy transformation and development, share resource networks and results section, integrate into the new energy innovation system, and jointly create a new model of energy technology innovation and business model deepening cooperation.

Delixi Electric President, Lou Feng

Delixi Electric has a long history in the fields of new energy, technology research and development, and has rich experience and innovative strength. As a energy technology company with 15 years of deep cultivation in the field of new energy, Sermatec Energy has a complete business layout. This cooperation could be an opportunity for two parties to build on their stengeths and achieve strong cooperation, and jointly build a diversified integrated energy serving scenarios, accelerate the realization of the national “dual-carbon” strategic goal.

Sermatec Energy visited the Delixi Electric R&D laboratory, had a detailed understanding of Delixi Electric’s technological innovation and application in the low-voltage electrical industry, and conducted various aspects of project development, construction, operation, and maintenance. Through in-depth exchanges, confidence in the strategic cooperation between the two parties has doubled.

Sermatec Energy Chairman, Li Feng

Delixi Electric’s development experience as a leading enterprise in the low-voltage electrical industry is worthy of our reference and learning. At present, the development of new energy industry has a great development prosprct. I hope the cooperation with Delixi Electric will focu on new energy construction, continue to integrate innovation and efficient cooperation, form a synergy effect of 1+1>2, and perfectly integrate into the diversified energy construction ecology. To inject strong momentum into my country’s energy industry transformation and new energy construction.

In the context of the global energy green transition, the strategic cooperation between Delixi Electric and Sermatec Energy marks the beginning of a new chapter in the alliance between the two parties and the progress of joint development.

Based on the common mission and social responsibility of the energy industry, the two parties will further deepen cooperation in energy technology innovation, jointly develop a diversified energy system, work together to advance project cooperation, and create a new situation of higher-level and all-round cooperation in the energy field.