BASF’s new material 4MW/12MWh energy storage project started

On November 5, 2021, the 4MW/12MWh energy storage project of BASF New Materials Co., Ltd. Shanghai, which is provided by Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology Co., Ltd. as a one-stop energy storage solution and technical support, officially started construction. 

The project is a smart energy solution launched by Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Three Gorges Electric Energy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which combines electrochemical energy storage and market-oriented green electricity sales to meet the needs of BASF Group for energy conservation, carbon reduction and cost reduction.

The project selects the high-safety lithium iron phosphate energy storage system independently developed by Sermatec Energy, implements the quadruple guarantee protection technology scheme from the battery cell to the system safety, and innovates the introduction of mica materials and technologies, high environmental performance perfluorohexanone fire protection program, field station fire isolation program, etc., to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the energy storage system in an all-round way without dead ends.

At the same time, the project is jointly underwritten by The whole life cycle safety and efficiency underwriting by Sermatec Energy, Afro-Co., Ltd. and Shidai Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd., giving the owner effective and reliable asset security and income protection. 

Under the strategic guidance of the double carbon target, combined with the current time-sharing electricity price adjustment policy and the background of the dual control target, this scheme has good replication and promotion potential, and provides a firm foundation for the development, program and project implementation of the daily energy to increase and break through the user-side market.

In the future, Sermatec Energy will continue to promote intelligent energy management, ensure the safety and efficiency of energy storage systems, provide high-quality integrated energy solutions and technical services for more industrial and commercial users, optimize energy structure, and contribute to the realization of the double carbon goal!