332 million! Sermatec Energy won the bid for “energy storage system equipment” package number

On April 6, Sermatec Energy won the “Bid Winning Notice” with the package number (bid section) of “Energy Storage System Equipment”, and the winning bid amounted to about 332 million.

Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading energy storage product manufacturer and energy digital operator. Since its establishment, it has continuously improved its self-developed energy storage control 3S technology, focusing on the life cycle safety and efficiency of energy storage systems. guarantee.

Driven by the policy of carbon neutrality and carbon peaking, the development of energy storage has ushered in new opportunities. Sermatec Energy already has relatively mature and complete technologies, products, production systems and experience in many medium and large-scale projects. We believe that with the implementation of policies and the continuous enrichment of energy storage application scenarios, Sermatec Energy will seize the opportunity and develop steadily.

In May 2022, the Energy Storage Leaders Alliance will jointly release Sermatec Energy’s “three soft and four hard” core technologies and products online, so stay tuned.