Joint Construction of Network Security Protection “Golden Bell Cover” for Energy Storage Industry | Sermatec Passed TUVPS Penetration Test and Safety Assessment

Recently, the cloud window series software of Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sermatec”) has passed the penetration test and network security assessment of Technischer Überwachungs-Verein(hereinafter referred to as “TUVPS”). This product has been tested and evaluated by TUVPS, which is the first cooperation between TUVPS and Sermatec in the energy storage industry to raise the awareness of data security in the energy storage industry, reduce the risk of data security in the industry, and make a positive contribution to the energy storage industry to fully meet the requirements of domestic and international data security laws and regulations.

In 2021, China entered a new stage of the “145” development. Energy storage is an important part of building a modern energy system, whether in the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and Outline of the Vision Target for 2035” or in the “Guidelines for Accelerating the Development of New Energy Storage” issued by the State Energy Administration of the National Development and Reform Commission. Cloud, big data, AI, edge computing and other technologies have become the trend for the safety, operation and maintenance of the energy storage system as well as the economic benefits of operation. Under the background of the digitized energy revolution, the development of digitization, intellectualization and information technology of energy storage system has brought market opportunities. This will no longer be a single closed system, but an open, interconnected network. With the rapid development of the energy storage industry, it will face more security risks.

This time, the cloud window series software of Sermatec has higher security through TUVPS penetration test and network security assessment. It not only confirms the capability of Sermatec to build energy storage agent products and intelligent solutions, but also provides high-quality products and services to its customers by integrating Security security, Standard standards and Service services. It is the result of efforts to achieve the dual-carbon goal and a new power system architecture. It is also important for the development of the energy storage industry.

Sermatec Cloud Window Series Software is a new series of efficient, safe and express intelligent photovoltaic monitoring software, from the creation of power stations to operation and maintenance, management and implementation of integrated services. In the information of power stations, not only the data information monitored can be represented by digital and dynamic flow charts, but also the real-time alarm notification of failures. It is an important tool for interaction with photovoltaic energy storage devices in the information environment. TUVPS data and network security experts identify security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by external entities through the assessment of the Internet of Things, conduct comprehensive penetration tests on products, conduct non-destructive aggressive tests and intrusions on application systems and other methods of real attack by professional and technical means, and objectively assess the level of risk, which improves the overall security level of products to a certain extent. Through this test and evaluation, it proves to every customer concerned about daytime energy that Sermatec not only pays attention to the integrated security of energy storage system, but also has a good core competitive advantage and professional competence in the field of energy storage network security.

Li Feng, Chairman of Sermatec, said: “Sermatec is an enterprise whose core goal is to ensure the safety and efficiency of global energy storage products. It has always been an important mission to protect the safety of users’energy storage assets. What we call security is not only the security of physical energy storage products, but also the digital security. Digital security includes energy data and user data. Sermatec adheres to the strictest safety standards in each region while actively upgrading the background system. To ensure user data security. The Sermatec Cloud Window Series software passed the professional test of TUVPS, and leaks and deficiencies were detected, making the security closer to users.”

With the improvement of digitization, network security and digital innovation gradually dominate in all walks of life. In the process of building a new power market structure with new energy as the main body, energy digitization will deeply integrate power electronics technology and digital technology through digitization technology such as 5G, AI, big data, IOT, so as to realize digitization, Internet and intelligence of the full chain of energy storage. Sermatec strives to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the global energy storage system with excellent quality and comprehensive services, and strives to become the preferred partner in the path of sustainable development!