Information unsealing | Is the digital cloud platform of Sermatec a “security prophet”?

The digital platform of Sermatec, namely the Sermatec cloud platform, is one of the core of the “cloud edge end” technology of Sermatec. The Sermatec cloud platform combines 3D visualization interface, AI algorithm technology, data analysis and intelligent decision-making system.

How to use the cloud platform to make the energy storage system more secure?

After mining and capturing a large amount of data, the Sermatec Cloud Platform provides data preparation, data analysis, and the establishment of Sermatec dedicated algorithm model based on increasingly rich data through the comparison of PCS efficiency between different power stations, the comparison of cycle life of different cells, and the comparison of total efficiency of power stations. Through data accumulation and independent learning training, the cloud platform can predict and diagnose the possible faults of energy storage products, and realize intelligent fault analysis.

The cloud platform is interconnected with the edge and end, and is integrated into a three-layer architecture of “cloud, edge and end”, which not only has the ability of cloud big data analysis and AI, but also meets the requirements of local applications for real-time and reliability. It can not only ensure the accuracy of fault prediction of more than 82%, but also meet the local real-time and reliable response to dispatching control instructions.

Visual 3D human-computer interaction interface and digital twin system, modular configuration mode, more friendly and direct data display at the same time, improve the impact of display, visual effect, and easier monitoring and operation and maintenance management.

As the “safety prophet” of the energy storage system, the Sermatec Cloud Platform integrates the new 3S (Security, Standard and Service) standards in an all-round way, strives to provide customers with high-quality products and services, escort the safe and efficient operation of the global energy storage system, and strive to become the preferred partner under the path of sustainable development!