Heavyweight | adopt Sermatec Energy once again!

Recently, Sermatec Energy signed a 200MWh energy storage system equipment supply contract with Xiangneng Chutian Power Group (hereinafter referred to as Xiangneng Chutian). According to the contract, Sermatec will provide high-quality and intelligent liquid-cooled energy storage system for the National Power Investment Wuling Power Ningxia Hongsibao Lujiayao 100MW/200MWh project of Hunan Energy Chutian EPC.

The strategic partnership between Sermatec and the owner of the project, State Power Investment Wuling Power, began in Ningxia Autonomous Region and has lasted for nearly 2 years. Both sides have accumulated a solid business foundation in the development of new energy projects in various fields. The supply of energy storage system for Hongsibao Lujiayao Project in Ningxia Autonomous Region is the first cooperation between Sermatec and the EPC general contractor Xiangneng Chutian. The 200MWh energy storage system of the project will be divided into two parts, namely, the equal AC side and the DC side, including 30 3.45MW PCS tanks on the AC side; 30 6.7MWh DC side high-power liquid-cooled battery compartments. This cooperation will further strengthen the business cooperation foundation of both sides.

The person in charge of Xiangneng Chutian pointed out: “Over the years, through the continuous efforts of Sermatec, with high-performance products and all-round service support, we have established a certain reputation in the energy storage market, and the reliability of products has also passed the verification of many large projects. This is an important factor for us to choose Sermatec as the partner of the project.”

Zhang Xiaojing, General Manager of Sermatec Sales, said: “The customer’s choice of Sermatec products is mainly reflected in three aspects: product safety, advanced reliability of technology and customer first service system. We are happy to contribute to the continuous business expansion of the State Power Investment Corporation Wuling Power and Hunan Energy Chutian in the field of new energy. We firmly believe that the cooperation between the three parties will be further deepened and become a solid and reliable force in the development and construction of energy storage projects.

In the next step, Sermatec Energy will make every effort to do a good job in the production, supply and commissioning of the project to ensure that the project is connected to the grid for power generation on schedule.