Digital intelligence enables us to create the future together! The online conference of “cloud+side+end” energy storage technology of Sermatec will be unveiled soon!

Shanghai Sermatec Emergy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sermatec) will hold an online conference on “cloud+side+end” energy storage technology in mid November.

When it comes to Sermatec, many people will regard this enterprise, which was founded only in 2017, as a new force in the new energy industry. In fact, Li Feng, chairman of Sermatec, has been deeply involved in the new energy industry for more than ten years, and has been committed to promoting the digital and intellectual transformation of the new energy industry.

Led by Li Feng, Sermatec, as a professional digital energy operator and energy storage system manufacturer, has developed a complete energy storage system control technology and product chain, mainly including power grids, new energy power stations (photovoltaic, wind power), industrial and commercial enterprises The industrial park and household users provide energy storage and comprehensive energy solutions, system products and technical services, that is, a complete set of integrated energy storage systems from energy storage batteries to energy management systems, as well as services such as design, installation and operation of energy storage solutions.

The online conference of “Cloud+Side+End” energy storage technology to be released by Sermatec in the near future is a digital energy management platform that integrates cloud, side and end connectivity and integrates EMS and BMS deeply based on the user demand of the energy storage industry, especially the demand of the user side energy storage market. Since then, Sungrow has developed from a 3S technology system to a 6S technology system.

The “cloud side” architecture is widely used in the Internet and Internet of Things scenarios. Its advantage lies in that it has the ability to analyze cloud big data and AI, while meeting the requirements of local applications for real-time and reliability. By analogy, the application of energy storage scenario is not only to meet the local real-time and reliable response to dispatching control instructions, but also to optimize the control strategy, early warning, analysis and operation and maintenance of security failures in combination with cloud computing power and AI algorithm analysis. Based on this analogy, Sermatec proposes a “cloud edge” technical architecture for energy storage, and builds energy storage agent products and intelligent solutions based on this technical architecture to achieve source load interaction and grid friendliness.

“Energy storage is an important part of the power system. The system belongs to the category of electrical equipment. In any case, safety is always the first!” Li Feng, chairman of Sermatec, once said that the three major sectors he paid most attention to were: how to ensure the safety of the energy storage system in the production and long life cycle; How to improve the conversion efficiency of the system; How to make the system more intelligent.

In Li Feng’s eyes, the core of energy storage is the control system, not the energy medium. The energy storage system composed of any energy medium cannot be separated from its essence of regulating the power grid and load side. For the energy storage of the entire power system, the essence of energy storage is not “storage”, but “regulation”. The power grid must rely on energy storage to form a schedulable, controllable and balanced operation mode. Therefore, the safety of energy storage is not only the safety of equipment and assets, but also the most important thing is the safety impact on the power grid if it cannot respond to the demand of the power grid when the power grid requires it to play the role of power grid balance.

It is precisely this kind of focus that enables Sermatec to take the safe and efficient operation of the energy storage system as the enterprise’s goal, take the market demand as the guide, dig deep into the application of energy storage, and make continuous efforts to help the energy storage industry transform from digital intelligence to jointly build a new power system.

As for the upcoming online conference of “cloud+side+end” energy storage technology, we believe Sermatec that knows about energy storage will not disappoint you, and let’s wait and see!