Digital intelligence empowers and opens up the future! Carbon is good for new life! The “Cloud Edge” Energy Storage Technology Conference of Sermatec Energy was successfully concluded

At 14:00 on the afternoon of November 15, the “cloud side” energy storage technology conference for Sermatec Energy was successfully held online with the theme of “Digital Intelligence Enabling, Open the Future”. This press conference introduced to the industry colleagues the energy storage “cloud edge” architecture resulting from the thinking of Sermatec Energy on “how to strengthen edge computing capability in a specific scenario of energy storage”.

The “cloud edge” architecture is not the first time that Sermatec Energy proposed. In our country’s 14th Five Year Plan, it has clearly proposed “coordinated development of cloud services and edge computing services”, and in the 14th Five Year Digital Economy Development Plan, it has also pointed out that edge computing capabilities for specific scenarios should be strengthened. However, it is this organizational structure, which has long been used maturely in the industrial Internet of Things, that has had a wonderful physical reaction with energy storage for the first time.

The three-tier architecture of “cloud edge” is “cloud”: digital energy management platform; “Edge”: edge intelligent product family; “End”: Sermatec Energy storage products. Just like the original intention of Sermatec Energy: to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the global energy storage system, the main goal of the three-tier “cloud edge” architecture is to ensure the safety and efficiency of the energy storage system.

Sermatec Energy provides PHM (fault early warning and health management) system, cloud edge collaboration, second level collection of cell data, data summary to the cloud platform, data cleaning, screening and model training, and distribution to the local fault prediction host for pattern recognition. The cloud continuously optimizes the model based on increasingly rich data, and updates it to the local host. At present, the accuracy of fault prediction is about 82%. From the three dimensions of equipment security, power grid security and data security, the safety of energy storage operation is guaranteed in all aspects.

“Cloud side” analyzes the proposed scheme for design optimization through equipment optimization, cloud side collaboration operation optimization, data analysis and mining. Then the closed loop is put into the thermal management design and strategy of equipment optimization to form a closed loop of efficient design and efficient operation. In this way, the overall design efficiency can be improved by 1.6%, and the maximum efficiency can reach 89%.

In 2018, Sermatec Energy first proposed the 3S architecture. Through the intensive cultivation of Sermatec Energy in the energy storage industry and the accumulation of products and projects in recent years, Sermatec Energy has a deeper understanding of energy storage and power grid. Based on this profound understanding, Sermatec Energy proposes a 6S system and cloud edge architecture: a digital energy management platform that adopts a three-layer architecture of “cloud, edge, and end” and a 3S (PCS, BMS, EMS)+3S (Security, Standard, Service) system design to integrate cloud, edge, and end connectivity and integrate EMS and BMS deeply. All energy storage products are made with the technical requirements, standards, specifications and high security level of the power grid to achieve safe, efficient, smart and grid friendly energy use. Since then, Sermatec has developed from a 3S technology system to a 6S technology system.

The VPP Ready proposed by Sermatec Energy means VPP+Ready. On the one hand, Sermatec Energy provides virtual power plant services as a VPP platform supplier, and on the other hand, it can access the third-party VPP platform from the perspective of projects and products. “For the third-party VPP platform, the use of Sermatec energy has achieved Ready”. At present, some power plants using solar energy have been connected to the third-party virtual power plant platform to respond to the dispatching of virtual power plants, provide auxiliary services for the power market and provide demand side response.

Sermatec Energy will always keep thinking and loving energy storage, and will always escort the safe and efficient operation of the global energy storage system with excellent quality and service. Please look forward to the 2023 All In One Energy Storage Product Launch!