Internet-based BMS

The first in the industry-the system that passed the type test of the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute.


Perfect function

Full life cycle fault recording, full life cycle data recording
No electrolytic capacitor design, low power consumption (<2.Sw/MWh)



Single battery cluster operating power consumption <5W, static power consumption <2MW
Remote modeling and calibration of SOC accuracy <2%
Long-distance + local Al equalization algorithm, which can equalize the cell energy of 10AH/day.


Hight Efficiency

With the same depth of discharge, the energy increases> 5%, and the system efficiency increases by 1%
Low power consumption mode, energy saving 3%
On-site and operation and maintenance workload reduced by 70% test.



The battery cluster can support 2048 temperature sensors, which is 50 times that of the traditional system
Multi-level CPU protection, DC contactor zero current shutdown
Battery scrap detection, battery custody in case of emergency

Feature one

Advanced power converter and control technology

Feature two

Innovative energy storage system management technology

Feature three

Modular energy storage system integration technology

Feature four

Big data and system governance technology for smart clouds