Activities to catch up | Suzhou optical storage charging conference is coming!

The 2nd Energy Storage Exhibition and the 9th China International Optical Storage and Charging Conference August 31 – September 2

Suzhou International Expo Center Booth No.: d3-03 (R) First appearance of innovative new products Born for the zero carbon era Times temper ingenuity Ingenuity shapes the times

Full scene energy storage scheme for you to choose

Multi model energy storage products are selected as required From household storage to large-scale industry and Commerce From traditional air cooling to new liquid cooling Safe, efficient, economical and intelligent Meet the demand of Sermatec! On site interaction, participation is rewarded? At the same time, we also prepared a variety of refined [picking] gifts Pay attention to the wechat official account of Sermatec Reply: [come and draw the grand prize] Participating in activities and winning awards: From August 31 to September 2, pick it up at the Sermatec booth (first come, first served, delivery lasts) August 31 – September 2 Suzhou International Expo Center Hall D3 03 (R) Sermatec We sincerely invite you to come at that time! We See you or leave!