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Founded in 2017, Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of energy storage products and a data service provider for energy storage systems.In the field of energy storage, Sermatec Energy not only possesses 6S control technology for energy storage systems (battery management system-BMS, energy management system-EMS, energy storage bidirectional converter-PCS,security, standards, services ), but also provides high-quality products and services.



2.5 GWh



R&D team

129.41 million

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*It is expected to be at the end of December 2012


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Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology Co., ltd.

A professional energy storage product manufacturer and energy storage system integrator


Sermatec’s technical advantages, expertise and service commitments help us to provide world-class energy storage products and services.


The R&D team of Sermatec Energy has 160+ professionals, of whom more than 70% have over 10 years of experience in power, electronics and batteries.


We provide customers with industry-leading quality control systems. The total quality management system of Sermatec runs through all business processes from R&D, production (PCS, BMS, EMS, system integration), installation and commissioning.


Sermatec adopts the OEM to achieve lower cost and faster response, efficient production and the development of more advanced process technology.

Customer service

Sermatec has a professional service team to provide customers with one-stop, efficient, high-quality, professional technical service support for pre-sales system solutions, after-sales problem solving, training, and consultation to provide customers with the best experience


Committed to energy innovation, providing the society with safe, economical and green comprehensive energy solutions




Responsibility, honor, harmony


Consolidate limited capabilities, change energy structure, and assume social responsibility

Our History

  • 2022

    In January, we won the bid for the largest single energy storage project in China - Shanyin 400MW/800MWh shared energy storage power station project

    In February, Fuyao Group's 7.5MW/22.5MWh carbon neutralization project was launched

    In May, we won the bid for Ningxia Dongfang Automation, East China Electric Power Design Institute and CNNC Huineng's 300MW/600MWh shared energy storage project in a row. In 2022, the total shipment volume of Ningxia market will reach 1GWh

    In June, the shipment volume of domestic energy storage system in 2021 was ranked among the top ten * Data source: Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry Technology Alliance

    In June, liquid cooling products, high and low pressure home storage products, and localized safety system software and hardware products were officially released“

    In July, round B financing was completed

  • 2021

    In August, we completed the round A financing of more than 100 million yuan, and the central state-owned enterprises supported the growth

    In September, Shanghai BASF 4MW/12MWh project, a user side project with high global security standards, was successfully connected to the grid

    In October, the largest user side project in China - Jiangsu Lianyungang Huale Alloy 25MW/100MWh was successfully connected to the grid (Phase I 10MW/40MWh)“

  • 2020

    In April, won the Shanghai Science and Technology Award

    In June, Shandong Tai'an Huaneng 100 MW photovoltaic 10MWh energy storage project was delivered, and participated in the drafting of the acceptance criteria for energy storage projects of State Grid Shandong Company.

    In December, the largest single energy storage project in Asia - Tibet Gangba 40MW PV+193MWh energy storage project was successfully connected to the grid“

  • 2019

    In January, SMT series optical storage all-in-one machine was certified by T | V, and new products were launched overseas

    In May, the first standard optical storage and charging integrated charging station in Shanghai was put into operation (Yangtze Smart Sermatec )

    In October, 100kWh industrial and commercial standard energy storage products were put into operation in Jiangshan, Zhejiang“

  • 2018

    In August, the Sermatec 3S smart energy storage technology was launched

    In September, the first industrial and commercial project of 3S smart energy storage system was delivered

    In October, the first industrial and commercial energy storage project in Taiwan was delivered“

  • 2017

    In September, Sermatec was established. In the same year, it established the 3S control technology architecture with the safety and efficiency of the energy storage system as the core, and established the strategic development goal of safeguarding the safety and efficiency of the global energy storage system.